Burak Handling INC makes rapid progress on implementation of electronic air waybill


In view of Burak Cargo Strategy and commitment to improving the air cargo business in Chicagoland and contribution to worldwide growth of air cargo business has made significant progress with regard to implementation of the electronic air waybill (e-AWB), a paperless document aimed at simplifying the air freight supply chain process.

  “The e-AWB is an invaluable tool which will help us to improve the quality of our services while reducing processing costs,” commented James Broucek, CEO of Burak Handling INC. “We have already begun implementing the procedure in selected applications and intend to roll this out across our global e-program over the coming months,” he added.

With manual process and transaction of data having a tremendous time constraint on cargo business process the e-AWB has already gained support from a number of industries such as the local Customs and major freight forwarders who expressed their desire to be part of E-AWB alliance, while partnered major ground handling service providers worldwide has also expressed their willingness and support for E-Cargo in implementing the e-AWB. The arrival of the e-AWB will bring many benefits such as reduced costs in terms of printing multipage AWBs, improved quality of service through the elimination of errors such as missing documents, greater visibility in terms of track and trace and better overall customer satisfaction.